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R NineT Urban G/S

R Nine T Urban GS-350

The R 80 GS is credited for starting the Adventure riding craze. To pay homage to it, and round out the Heritage line, the R Nine T Urban G/S takes the Scrambler build, adds a Motorsport livery, orange seat, and a raised front fender. Go explore.

G 310 R

G 310 R-350

Escape from the constraints of traffic and add excitement to the commute. With compact dimensions and the right amount of power, the G 310 R adds excitement and adrenaline. Take the long way to work AND the long way home.

G 310 GS


Even the smallest of adventures gives plenty of excitement. Step into the world of Adventure riding with the G 310 GS. With a higher seat height, more suspension travel, and a short wheel base, there is little terrain this Baby GS cannot conquer.

K 1600 Bagger


The all-new 2017 K1600B Bagger: Emotion and fascination with six-cylinders in the exclusive Bagger style. BMW says it best.

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