Chevy Colorado Dashboard Light Guide

2018 Chevy ColoradoYour Chevy Colorado is equipped with many advanced safety features. One of its most important features is the collection of dashboard lights and symbols that are designed to keep you aware of what’s going on inside your vehicle and alert you to potential problems. If one of these lights comes on while you’re driving around Lewistown, State College, or Bellefonte, however, you may find yourself wondering what your next steps are.

We want to do all we can to help out our local drivers, which is why we put together this Chevy Colorado dashboard light guide. Learn more about your vehicle’s dashboard lights and symbols here, so you can be prepared if you see one come on.

Battery Charging System Light

Battery Charging SystemIf your battery charging system light turns on while you’re driving, which looks like a battery with a positive and negative sign, it could indicate a problem with your vehicle’s electrical charging system. This can range from an issue with the battery itself to a problem with the alternator, so continuing to drive your vehicle could leave you vulnerable to a breakdown. In this situation it’s best to take your vehicle to the nearest service center to have it inspected by a qualified technician.

Engine Oil Pressure Light

This light looks like an old-fashioned oil lamp and relates to your vehicle’s oil pressure. If this light is on, it could mean your vehicle is low on oil or has other system problems. If you see this light, it’s important that you check your oil and have your vehicle inspected for potential problems.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

Tire Pressure Warning Light The tire pressure warning light looks like an exclamation point with parentheses around it. This monitors the pressure in one or more of your tires, which is a vital component of your vehicle’s safety. If this light comes on, it’s important to check the tire pressure in each one of your tires and replace if necessary. If the light stays on, visit your nearest service center to have your vehicle inspected.

ABS Warning Light

ABS Warning Light The anti-lock brake system warning light has the letters ABS inside of a circle. If this comes on while you’re driving, it could mean that there’s a flaw with an anti-lock braking system that could compromise your vehicle’s ability to stop. When this occurs, it’s important to pull over immediately and schedule a service appointment.

Brake System Warning Light

The brake system warning light looks similar to the tire pressure warning light, in that it’s an exclamation point in a circle with a look of parentheses. Like your ABS system, your overall brake system is an important part of your vehicle’s safety, so if this light comes on you need to visit the nearest service station.

Schedule Your Service Appointment

In this Chevy Colorado dashboard light guide, we’ve covered the most important lights on your Chevy dashboard. These are just the highlights, however, so be sure to check your owner’s manual to determine the meaning of any unfamiliar lights.

Drivers in Lewistown, State College, and Bellefonte can learn more about the Chevy Colorado’s dashboard lights by visiting the Lake Dealerships. Call or stop by our dealership today to speak about your vehicle’s dashboard lights or schedule an appointment!

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