Chevy Cruze Dashboard Light Guide

Chevy Cruze Dashboard Light Guide

You’re driving along the streets of Lewistown, State College, or Bellefonte and having a perfect day. The sun is shining, you’re getting stuff done. A light shows up on your dashboard. What does it mean? Is there something needing my attention with my car? What do I do next?

This is just your car telling you there could be a possible issue and The Lake Dealerships are here to tell you about it. In our Chevy Cruze dashboard light guide, you’ll be able to see what this light means and what steps you should take next.

Chevy Cruze Warning & Indicator Dashboard Lights

Chevy Cruze Dashboard Light GuideAirbag Readiness Light – This light comes on for a few seconds when you start your Cruz to let you know the system is working correctly. However, if it does not come on, or stays lit after you’ve started driving, something could be wrong with your airbags. To avoid possible injury, have this serviced at an authorized dealer right away.

Charging System Light – When this light comes on during your commute, there could be a problem with your vehicle’s charging system, resulting in battery power drainage. Get your vehicle to a dealership as soon as possible to have this assessed. When doing so, only drive a short distance and make sure to turn off all unnecessary electrical devices (air conditioner, heater, radio) to save power.

Brake System Warning Light – If you see this light illuminate, your brake system is not working the way it should. To prevent a possible crash, pull over to the side of the road when it’s safe to do so, and turn off the vehicle. Next, call your authorized service center for assistance.

Up-Shift Light – This light appears when an up-shift is recommended to elevate your fuel efficiency. The number next to it coincides with the gear you should place it in. Up-shift when you can, in order to save gas!

Chevy Cruze Dashboard Light GuideEngine Oil Pressure Light – If this light does not show briefly when turning on your car, or appears when you’re driving, it means there’s something malfunctioning with your engine’s oil flow. Because driving with this light on could cause serious damage to your engine, it’s critical you schedule a service appointment immediately.

Security Light – Although this light comes on briefly when you start your Chevy Cruz, if it doesn’t appear, or stays on and the engine does not start, there’s something wrong with your theft-deterrent system. To resolve this issue, reach out to your dealership’s service center.

Low Fuel Warning Light – Did you know driving with little gas in your tank is bad for your car? To prevent possible repairs under your hood, or getting into a sticky situation, this light lets you know it’s time to head to a gas station.

Clear Your Dashboard at The Lake Dealerships

After reading our Chevy Cruz dashboard light guide, is it time to schedule an appointment to assess your vehicle? If so, turn to our dealership today. Our service center proudly serves drivers in the Lewistown, State College, and Bellefonte areas to make vehicles on the road safer.

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