Chevy Equinox Maintenance Schedule

Chevy Equinox Maintenance Schedule

Being able to drive around State College, Lewistown, and Bellefonte in a reliable vehicle is of the utmost importance, and when it comes to reliability, there’s no better model than the Chevrolet Equinox. If you want to keep your Equinox running the way you need, then it’s crucial for you to learn about your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

chevy equinox recommended oilIf you follow the correct maintenance schedule, you’ll be able to catch problems with your vehicle and keep your Equinox running like new. Here are a few of the most important items on your Chevy Equinox maintenance schedule that will ensure your vehicle always performs admirably.

7,500-Mile Inspection

The first, and one of the most important items on your maintenance schedule will occur at the 7,500-mile marker. At this appointment, a service professional will inspect multiple areas of your vehicle, and will also perform some minor maintenance tasks.

First and foremost, your engine oil and engine filter will be changed. Your coolant level and cooling system will also be examined. The tires on your Equinox will be rotated, inspected for wear, and have their pressure checked. The exhaust system of your vehicle will also be checked.

One-Year Check

The next check of your vehicle will occur one year into the life of your Equinox. Several inspections will need to take place at this appointment, all of which are crucial to the continued functioning of your vehicle.

The accelerator of your Equinox will be checked for any obvious signs of damage and to make sure it is functioning correctly. Other inspections include your automatic transmission shift lock, your park brake, and your ignition transmission lock.

50,000-Mile Appointment

chevy recommended maintenance scheduleOnce the odometer in your Equinox has reached 50,000 miles, you will need to return to your dealership for another maintenance check. There are several vital maintenance tasks that will occur at this appointment that should not be ignored.

First, the automatic transmission fluid of your Equinox will be changed. Second, the transfer case fluid will be replaced, as will your engine air cleaner filter. Finally, the evaporative control system will be inspected.

100,000/150,000 Miles

If you properly maintain your Equinox, the next two service checks will take place at 100,000 and 150,000 miles. At the 100,000-mile appointment, your automatic transmission fluid will be changed again, your spark plugs will be replaced, and there will be a thorough inspection of your spark plug wires.

When you schedule your 150,000-mile service appointment, you can expect your engine cooling system to be drained, flushed, and refilled, and your drive belts to be inspected for fraying and other forms of damage.

Follow Your Chevy Equinox Maintenance Schedule

When your Equinox hits any of the markers listed on this maintenance schedule, you should be sure to schedule service as soon as possible. And if you’re looking for the easiest way to follow your Chevy Equinox maintenance schedule, you only need to visit The Lake Dealerships.

The service and parts department at The Lake Dealerships knows the right way to maintain your Equinox, and is ready to work with car owners from areas like Bellefonte, Lewistown, and State College. Visit us today or schedule service online.