Chevy Service Center near Bellefonte PA


More than ever before, drivers in Bellefonte and across the country are looking for vehicles that can last. A new car is becoming a larger and larger investment, so drivers need to make sure that they can maintain their investment for as long as possible. That means finding a place where you can get your vehicle serviced when needed.

Chevrolet is increasingly making their lineup more and more long-lasting. While the newest models are stronger than ever, they still need to be serviced every now and then to keep them in top form. That means finding a reputable Chevy service center near Bellefonte, PA. Fortunately, the friendly staff at The Lake Dealerships are happy to help.

Journey Through Bellefonte

Located in Centre County is the modest borough of Bellefonte and its 6,000 residents. This community dates back to 1795 when it was first settled, though it wouldn’t become officially incorporated for another 11 years. The town gradually grew as it became a central stop in the transcontinental airmail route. That alone caused growth enough to make it one of the most influential towns in the Pittsburgh and Harrisburg areas.

While modern Bellefonte is largely quiet, there’s still plenty to do in town. You can visit Talleyrand Park to enjoy the vibrant green trees and fields along with the quaint bridge that crosses Spring Creek. For beauty of a different kind, you can visit the Bellefonte Art Museum for historical art from the Underground Railroad era of Bellefonte’s history. Wherever you go, you’ll need a well-serviced Chevy to get you there.

Welcome to Our Dealership

Ever since we first opened our doors, our dealership has been committed to providing high-quality service. From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly team members, who is ready to help with all your automotive needs.

While we have plenty of Chevy vehicles to offer, automotive needs go a lot further than that. That’s why we’re happy to have a state-of-the-art service center that works hard to keep Chevy vehicles on the road for as long as possible. With the latest equipment and talented technicians, you can be sure your Chevy is in good hands.

Service Center Perks

Used Chevy Service Center Lewistown, PA

While we’re working on getting your Chevy to peak performance, you can enjoy a plethora of perks. If your Chevy is under warranty, for example, our team members can look up all the relevant information for you, ensuring you get all the savings you deserve. We also maintain an inventory of premium Chevy parts, so you won’t have to wait for a needed part to be ordered and delivered for repairs.

One of our more exciting services is our expert advice. Our technicians are just as friendly as our sales team, and they’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Six days a week, our team of service advisors can offer valuable advice for maintaining your vehicle and getting the most out of it for years to come. You can even place a query online using our handy tool available right here on our site.

Visit Our Chevy Service Center near Bellefonte PA

Remember The Lake Dealerships the next time you’re looking for a high-end Chevy service center near Bellefonte, PA. Our expert technicians will know your Chevy vehicle inside and out, so you can always count on a quick and quality service. Give us a call or contact us online today to schedule your service appointment.


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