Chevy Tahoe Towing Capacity

chevy tahoe towing capacity

The Chevy Tahoe has a maximum towing capacity of 8,600 pounds when properly equipped, however, across all configurations, it can tow a range of 6,400-8,600 pounds. Whether you’re bringing a U-Haul to your dorm in State College or towing a camper into the woods near Lewistown and Bellefonte, we want to help you take the most with you.

Check out this guide from The Lake Dealerships to find out how to get the most out of your Chevy Tahoe towing capacity.

Chevy Tahoe Towing Capacity and Engine Specs

tahoe towing capacityThe Chevy Tahoe makes two different V8 engines available, each of which has a different towing capacity:

  • 5.3L ECOTEC®3 V8 engine: 6,400-8,600 pounds
  • 6.2L ECOTEC®3 V8 engine: 8,100-8,400 pounds

The 5.3L engine also generates 355 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque. This engine comes standard with a rear-wheel drivetrain (2WD), which can manage 6,400 pounds of conventional towing. When equipped with the Max Trailering Package, however, this engine can tow a maximum of 8,600 pounds.

If you have to commute frequently in the winter, however, you may prefer the extra grip strength you get with the 4-wheel drivetrain (4WD). This drivetrain can tow 6,400 pounds—or 8,400 pounds when equipped with the Max Trailering Package.

The 6.3L engine, on the other hand, can tow upwards of 8,100 pounds in 4WD and up to 8,400 pounds in 2WD.

Towing Equipment for the Chevy Tahoe

As we’ve already mentioned, if you want to reach your maximum towing capacity, you’ll probably want to equip your SUV with the Max Trailering Package. This package includes the following equipment:

  • 3.42 rear axle ratio
  • Integrated trailer brake controller
  • Available rear air leveling suspension
  • Available Autotrac® 2-speed active transfer case

In addition to this, all Chevy Tahoe LS trims and above are also equipped with a trailering hitch platform, a 7-wire harness, and a 2-inch trailering hitch receiver.

Chevy Tahoe Towing Technology

tahoe towingBecause towing is tough work, the Chevy Tahoe makes several features available to ease the burden a bit. For example, the available trailer brake controller helps you maintain control by integrating the trailer’s brake with your SUV’s brakes. This means, when you hit the brakes in your Tahoe, you’ll also be braking the trailer.

You’ll also get a rear air leveling suspension with the Max Trailering Package that keeps your suspension even, no matter how heavy a load you’re towing. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear on your SUV’s frame and suspension due to frequent towing.

Both engines in the Chevy Tahoe also come with an automatic transmission that includes tow/haul mode. This feature improves performance and efficiency while towing, by optimizing your transmission for a heavy haul. It also helps you ascend steep inclines by preventing your transmission from hunting for gears.

When it’s time to hitch your trailer, you can do so easily with the rear vision camera. This feature shows a video feed of the area directly behind your SUV when in reverse, so that you can easily align the back of your Tahoe with your trailer.

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