Ford Dashboard Symbols

Check Engine Light Dashboard Symbol
Dashboard symbols are the first line of defense you have against major problems with your car. Since your car can’t actually carry on a conversation with you (yet), these signs and symbols are the way that your car communicates with you as you traverse the highways of State College, Bellefonte, and Lewistown. They let you know when something’s wrong, when it’s time for service, and even when systems are active and working the way they are designed to.

Unfortunately, these symbols aren’t always as intuitive as we would like. It can also be difficult to find the information you need quickly in the owner’s manual for your car. That’s why we are here to offer a library of dashboard symbols and what they mean, to save you the time and trouble of trying to figure out a mysterious light on your dashboard.

Dashboard Symbols

Brake Light Dashboard SymbolFord dashboard symbols can take many forms and deliver a lot of messages. They can tell you, for example, that your cruise control is active and working as it should. They can let you know when your F-150 or Edge is about to slip out of its lane. They can also tell you when your engine is running hot or you need an oil change.

Generally speaking, Ford dashboard lights are seen in different colors, with each denoting a general level of security. Yellow lights denote a condition that you need to have checked out. These lights don’t mean you’re in immediate danger, but the problem could become serious if you don’t have it addressed.

Green lights indicate a system has been activated and is working like it should. They’re seen for things like cruise control and high beams. Finally, red or orange lights indicate a very serious issue that must be addressed right away. A flashing red light means pull over immediately.

Get Problems Diagnosed at The Lake Dealerships

If you see a dashboard light while you’re on the roads of State College, Bellefonte, or Lewistown, and you’re not sure exactly what it means, check out our library of Ford dashboard symbols below and see if you can find the exact symbol you saw. Then, call The Lake Dealerships and make an appointment to have the problem diagnosed and serviced today.

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