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Be Sure to Make Your Escape Quickly in State College PA

For a fun way to test your critical-thinking skills, think out of the ordinary and try your hand at an escape room game. These fun, interactive puzzles require you to think carefully and work with others to get out in time.

Check out these escape rooms in State College, PA, and see if you have what it takes.

Can You Call Yourself an Escape Artist?

Escape Rooms near State College PAYou have one hour to escape. The only thing standing in your way is some objects. And maybe a few codes. Possibly some hidden hints, as well. To get out, you and your team will need to work together and think outside the box.

At Escape Artist Centre Co., there are several rooms to check out, including The Treasure of Captain Green Beard. Green Beard is an infamous and ruthless pirate known for stealing valuable treasures throughout the Caribbean. While he usually sold or traded his finds, he kept an amulet for himself. Can you find this rare amulet and escape in time?

See photos of people who have escaped the room on the Escape Artist Centre Co. Facebook page.

Don’t Let Your Mind Play Tricks on You in This Escape Room

For an immersive and interactive puzzle game filled with riddles and gadgets, visit Escape Room Inc. Here, you and your teammates will have one hour to use your problem-solving skills, creativity, and resourcefulness to escape. This place is fun for all, whether you’re hosting a corporate event with co-workers, or just spending a night out with friends and family.

You can also enjoy escaping the room for a good cause, as they offer fundraising opportunities. For more information, visit Escape Room Inc. on Facebook.

An Escape Room to Elicit Unmatched Thrills & Excitement

Escape Rooms near State College PAIf you want to check out State College’s first ever escape room, visit IQ Escape. This isn’t like your typical escape room with just combination locks and puzzles. Instead, you’ll have to navigate your way through a well-developed adventure. You’ll either be solving crimes, saving the world, or traveling through time. Lots of fun is to be had here.

One room to check out is Stealing Mona. Here, you’ve been chosen by Mr. X to pull off an epic heist. The risk may be high, but the reward is even higher. If you can prove yourself, then Mona is all yours.

To see what other rooms you could try to escape from, check out IQ Escape on Facebook.

Can You Escape the Room in State College PA?

If you think you have the skills and wherewithal to solve complex puzzles, then visit any of the above escape rooms today, before time runs out.