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Ford Bronco Preview

Ford Bronco PreviewThe original Ford Bronco was in production from 1966 to 1977, and it quickly became one of the most iconic Ford vehicles. That’s why its return—which is slated for Spring of 2020—is so highly anticipated by drivers in Lewistown, State College, and Bellefonte.

Ford has been tight-lipped about this SUV’s finer details, but our team at The Lake Dealerships has received a few updates. If you’d like to get the inside scoop, read our Ford Bronco preview.

Ford Bronco Capability & Performance

Ford Bronco Preview Ford Bronco Preview

We expect to find a turbocharged 2.3L 4-cylinder engine under the hood of the Ford Bronco. If it’s the same as those found on other Ford models, it’s likely to produce 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. If you’re looking for a more efficient version of this SUV, there’s a good chance that a hybrid powertrain will be available.

Since the Bronco will come with the same platform as the Ford Ranger, its engine will likely be partnered with a 10-speed automatic transmission. We’ve also heard rumors that a 7-speed manual transmission will be available, so you’ll be able to get a fully retro experience.

To match the off-roading capabilities of its legendary predecessor, we expect that four-wheel drive (4WD) will come standard on all Bronco SUVs.

Convenience & Design

Ford Bronco PreviewThe Ford Bronco will come with a two-door design that’ll remind you of its predecessor. We also expect an available four-door, which will add more practicality to its design.

If you’re ready to take on an off-roading adventure with this SUV, and you’d like to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, we’ve got good news. The Bronco will feature removable doors and a removeable roof. The roof will also be available as a hardtop or fabric.

Finally, there’s the interior. This is the most unknown aspect of this new SUV. The retro designs of the exterior will likely carry on right into the interior. Seeing as this is a new-generation Ford, we do expect that it’ll come with the innovative technology that you’ve come to know and love.

The Bronco Returns to Baja

Ford Bronco PreviewWhether you remember the original Ford Bronco, or you’ve just recently been introduced, you probably remember when Rod Hall and Larry Minor famously drove the Bronco to an overall win at the 1969 Baja 1000. This is a feat that no other 4×4 SUV has been able to repeat, even to this day.

To test the limits of this new SUV, the Ford Performance team built the race-inspired Bronco R prototype. They took it back to the Baja Peninsula to challenge this near 1,000-mile off-road course once again. It’s not exactly what we’ll see when it hits our lot in Spring, but it gave us a closer look at what we might expect.

One fascinating feature that came with this prototype was a MoTeC data acquisition system. It monitors and measures performance in real time, and if it comes with the new model, you’ll be even more informed when you take on all-terrain paths.

Get Ready for the Release of the Ford Bronco!

Now that you have the latest information on the Ford Bronco, you’re one step closer to deciding if it’s the right SUV for your adventures through Lewistown, State College, and Bellefonte.

If you’d like to get even more prepared for the Spring 2020 release of the Ford Bronco, contact our team at The Lake Dealerships!



* Model not yet released. All specs mentioned herein have been cited from motortrend.com and caranddriver.com and are subject to change by the manufacturer.