Trim Level Comparisons

Trim Level Comparisons

If you’ve ever been car shopping, you know it’s not as simple as choosing a make and model. Models like the Chevy Malibu, Trax, and Tahoe each come with a set of letters following the model like LTZ, LS, and LT to indicate the trim level. What do trim levels mean, and how are they relevant to your car shopping experience? Keep reading to find out.

What are Trim Levels?

Ford and Chevy Trim Level ComparisonsTrim levels indicate what features come with or are options for a particular vehicle model. Lower trim levels mean the vehicle comes with more standard features and less specialized features of higher trim levels. Higher trim levels indicate the vehicle comes with more features, and often even replaces standard features with more specialized ones.

How to Decide on a Trim Level

When you’re trying to decide which trim level of a vehicle is right for you, there are a few questions that you should consider. How will the different trim level features affect my driving experience? Are the extra features offered by the higher trim level worth the extra cost? What features are essential for my lifestyle?

How you plan to use your new vehicle is a major factor to consider when looking at trim levels. If you’re going to be driving your vehicle very often at night, you might want to choose a trim level that includes auto-dimming rearview mirrors. Keep your budget in mind during this process as well, though. Weigh the benefits of the trim level features with what you can reasonably afford. You may end up having to sacrifice some conveniences, like heated seats or wireless connectivity, for the sake of finances.

Ford and Chevy Trim Level Comparisons

Finally, your lifestyle also comes into play. Maybe if you live in a colder region or simply despise the cold, the heated seats are worth the extra investment. Or if you’re an avid music lover who spends a lot of your time driving, a USB or auxiliary port could also be worth the extra dough.

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