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Tread Carefully Through These Haunted Attractions near Lewistown PA

Visiting the Lewistown, PA, area around Halloween is a truly terrifying experience. That’s because it offers all the best in thrills and shrills (that may or may not be coming from you).fright night spots near lewistown pa

For the ultimate fright night, be sure to visit any one of these best haunted attractions near Lewistown, PA. But if you get scared, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Visit the Mystique & Uniqueness of a Spooky Mill

Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill is a legendary attraction that was purchased by Kim Yates in 2014. She fell in love with the atmosphere, and incorporates her own twist of creative troublemaking throughout. And with six attractions to explore, you’ll get six chances to scare yourself silly.

  • Feast your eyes on: House of Eyes. In this old barn, spirits lurk among the cracks and cobwebs, watching every move you make. Vicious ax murderers and caged monstrosities are yearning for life… Including yours.

To read about the other five attractions, check our Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill on Facebook.

Step Inside a True Haunted Mansion

Ravenwood Manor Haunted Attraction is unique in that it’s a private residence for most of the year. But around Halloween, you’ll get a chance to experience a real haunted house, and not just the façade of one. For 25 minutes, you’ll be taken on a tour of this 1860 3.5-story mansion with 27 rooms and dozens of engaging and interactive actors and animatronics.

  • Feast your eyes on: The house itself. Once inside, you won’t find exploding toilets or blood being thrown around everywhere. Instead, the scares are much subtler. The seasoned actors know every nook and cranny of this old mansion and use them to take advantage of leaving you very afraid.

To find out more about this terrifying attraction, check out Ravenwood Manor’s Facebook page.

Walk into the Depths of Darkness on This Eerie Trail

It’s time to face your fears and go on a journey that’ll push you into the pits of your deepest and darkest nightmares. It’s time to visit Shockwalk Haunted Trail.

When a group of psychopaths escape from the local insane asylum, they make the nearby trail their home. What was once called the forest of fear is now known as Shockwalk, and its inhabitants are waiting for you…fright night spots near lewistown pa

  • Feast your eyes on: This dreadfully morbid trail. As you walk through the forest in the dark, you’ll visit 17 spinetingling, detailed scenes, showcasing true terror. They use both live characters and animated creatures to give you the shock of a lifetime.

For more ways to startle yourself, check out the photos and videos on the Shockwalk Haunted Trail Facebook page.

Let Your Mind Play Tricks on You This Halloween

When it comes to visiting truly petrifying haunted houses this Halloween, any one of these attractions will do. Check them out now for your next fright night, if you dare.