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Having your oil changed on a regular basis is arguably the most important aspect of your vehicle’s regular routine maintenance. While modern vehicles are made to run much longer than older cars before getting their oil swapped out, it’s still a wise idea to have the issue addressed.

Whether you’re driving a Chevrolet, a Ford, or a Lincoln, it’s essential to make sure your oil stays clean and flowing free through your engine by bringing it to The Lake Dealerships for your Lewistown oil change services.


Why Change Your Oil?

Getting your oil changed regularly is easy and fast. It takes very little time and is an essential step toward keeping your car running smoothly. As the oil runs through the engine, it gets dirty and picks up debris and particulates that can gum up the engine, which is exactly the opposite of what you want from oil.oil change near me

Keeping on a regular oil change schedule helps to keep your engine clean and protect it from harm. You’ll also get better gas mileage, have better emissions results, and have an overall extended and smoother engine life.

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

Most vehicles come with a 3,000-, 5,000-, or 6,000-mile oil change schedule. How often you have your oil changed depends on the kind of vehicle and your driving habits. Those who drive lightly or fewer miles need oil replacement less frequently. Your local dealership can advise you as to which is the best option for you based on the vehicle and your driving habits.

Can I Take It Anywhere?

There’s a lot of quick-change oil and lube places out there. Sometimes it seems like there’s one on every block. These discount locations can do the job, certainly, but they won’t give your vehicle the kind of attention it deserves, even for routine maintenance.

Why Use a Dealership for an Oil Change?oil change near me

Instead of a quick-change, one-size-fits-all approach to oil changes, which can end up with your car filled with non-optimal oil and important things overlooked in the interest of speed, a dealership knows exactly what to do for your specific vehicle. Your Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Lincoln vehicle may require special oil blends for optimal function. You might also require additional scheduled maintenance like filter changes that you may or may not get at a fix-all joint.

Going to a dealership means that your vehicle will get the special care it needs by certified technicians who are specially trained to work on your make and model. In addition, the cost won’t be much different than at a quick-fix place, and the service will still be fast and reliable. If your car is new and under warranty, you may not pay at all!

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