Oil Change Near State College, PA

State College is a bustling community in central Pennsylvania with a population of nearly 42,000 people. Not only is this college town home to the famous Pennsylvania State University, but it’s also the third safest metro area in the entire country. In fact, there’s so much good will to go around here, it’s earned the nickname Happy Valley.

If you want to keep your car as happy as the people here, you need to make sure it’s getting regular maintenance. That means fresh oil every six months or so. It may seem tiresome, but getting an oil change is essential to keep everything in top shape. All you need to do is find a place to get an oil change near State College, PA. That’s where The Lake Dealerships can help.

Importance of an Oil Change

Vehicles can develop all kinds of problems over time, but the most serious problems often stem from not having the right oil. Any vehicle needs an engine to function, and any engine needs oil. Oil is the lubricant that keeps all the parts running without destroying one another. Without that lubrication, your engine parts would grind and wear each other down until nothing was left.

The purpose of changing your oil is because its effectiveness diminishes over time. After about six months, the oil isn’t good enough to keep your engine parts properly lubricated. It’s important to watch out for contamination as well. If your oil gets contaminated with dirt or other debris, it could actually damage your engine more than having no oil at all.

Our Service Center

If you’re looking for a quality oil change that won’t leave you waiting around all day, we’ve got your back. Our service center has been outfitted with the latest technology ensuring a fast service no matter what you need. Our highly trained service technicians have experience performing countless oil changes over the years, so you can be sure yours will be done right.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and you can expect the same from our service technicians. Automotive maintenance is a passion for these people, so your vehicle will always be treated with the respect it deserves, and so will you.

Extra Perks

At the Lake Dealerships, we like to go above and beyond, so you can expect more from our service center. An oil change is a common and necessary service which is why many manufacturers include them in your vehicle’s warranty. If you think yours might qualify, let us know, and we’ll look it up for you no problem. Feel free to check out our expansive selection of parts as well, if you think you can handle maintenance on your own.

Visit the Lake Dealerships Service Center

For a quick and quality oil change near State College, PA, The Lake Dealerships service center is your best bet. With our experience and equipment, we can handle any maintenance issue you might have, whether it’s a simple oil change or an entire engine mount replacement. Visit us or get in touch with our service department today!