Oil Change Service near Mifflintown, PA


When you want to keep your car in great shape you need to make sure you’re always up to date on your oil changes. That’s why at The Lake Dealerships Chevy, we aim to provide Mifflintown drivers with a comprehensive one-stop location for their oil change service needs.

Keep reading to hear more about Mifflintown and what our service center has to offer you.

Exploring Mifflintown, PA

Oil Change

Along the Juniata River sits the community of Mifflintown. This small river town offers excellent access to beautiful nature reserves that are perfect for exploring. There’s a little something for everyone in Mifflintown, no matter if you’re camping or just enjoying the local businesses.

Come take a vacation at Buttonwood Campground, an excellent camping area with great access to the Juniata River. Only a short drive away is Harshbarger’s Sub ‘N Malt, a delicious 50’s style restaurant with fantastic burgers. With all that available, drivers looking to explore Mifflintown need a fresh oil change, and our service center is happy to help.

Meet our Service Team

When you need to have your vehicle serviced, our dealership is here to help with a team of maintenance professionals. Our service technicians work hard to keep Mifflintown drivers feeling great with a fresh oil change.

At our service center we can help find the right oil to use in your specific vehicle. We know cars inside and out and we’ll take our time to get your vehicle the treatment it deserves. Come to our dealership and we’ll have your car running nice and smooth after some good TLC.

Why You Should Change Your Oil

Oil is probably the most important fluid in your car after your fuel. Keeping up to date on your oil levels is an important part of making sure your vehicle runs as well as possible. However, many people may be wondering why they really need to keep up to date on their oil changes and it’s important to know when to get them.

Simply put, your oil keeps your engine lubricated so that it doesn’t overheat and damage itself. When your vehicle is running low on oil, your engine will first start to heat up until parts start to crack from the strain. Ignoring your oil change schedule for too long can leave your engine seized and you’ll have some bigger maintenance due on your car.

It’s recommended that drivers check their oil every month or so to always stay on top of it. Generally, drivers should change their oil every 6,000 miles or six months to make sure it’s always running nice and fresh.

Schedule Your Oil Change with Our Service Center near Mifflintown

Mifflintown drivers looking to make sure their engine stays in great shape will want to schedule oil change service through our dealership. Our team at The Lake Dealerships Chevy is dedicated to making sure drivers are always getting the comprehensive care their car needs.

Do you think your car is due for an oil change? Schedule service with us online or over the phone today!