Protect Your Vehicle

Is Your Vehicle Worth Protecting?protect your vehicle

After buying a home, purchasing a car is the second largest expense the average American makes in his or her lifetime. So, don’t you think it’s worth protecting that investment to ensure your money isn’t wasted? At The Lake Dealerships, we provide comprehensive vehicle protection plans that can help alleviate unexpected costs and protect your investment year after year.

Read below to learn more about the several protection plans we offer at The Lake Dealerships.

CostGuard® Vehicle Protection Plan

This extended warranty offers you peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle is covered even after the manufacturer or standard dealership warranty expires. CostGuard® is also customizable, giving you the flexibility to choose the right coverage for your vehicle and your budget.

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GAP: Vehicle Loss Protection

Being involved in an accident can be a devastating experience, especially if your car is totaled. When an insurance company declares a vehicle as a total loss, it means that the cost to repair the vehicle surpasses its value. Your insurance company will reimburse you, but often, their assessed value might not cover the amount you still owe on your auto loan.

GAP Protection covers the difference between the insurance company’s assessed value and how much you owe on the loan. This way, you’re not responsible for any unexpected out-of-pocket costs.

Life/Disability Insurance

It’s not something most people want to think about, but in the unfortunate event of death or disability, it’s important to know that your car loan payments won’t be a burden. Credit Life and Credit Disability insurance from The Lake Dealerships pays off any remaining loan obligations so you and your family won’t need to.

Simoniz® GlassCoat™: Paint and Interior Protection

The typical manufacturer warranty covers most of a vehicle’s vital parts. However, the interior and paint are usually unprotected by these plans. That leaves you responsible for repairs should your car be damaged by harmful UV rays, acid rain, tree sap, graffiti, or bird waste.

Simoniz® GlassCoat™ provides a protective layer to preserve your car’s stunning paint job and interior. Plus, it comes with an exclusive warranty.

Ultimate Vehicle Protection Plus

Even the most comprehensive new car warranty has its holes. A rogue shopping cart, flat tire, or a piece of asphalt hitting your windshield aren’t typically covered by traditional manufacturer warranties. That’s where our Ultimate Vehicle Protection Plus plan can help. By covering the rims, tires, windshield, and any dents or dings, this plan ensures your car is protected from all of life’s little accidents.