Technology Features


Technology is everywhere these days. Do we even remember what it was like without it? Now that it’s migrated to our cars, it’s important to know what’s what when shopping for your next vehicle. Our team at The Lake Dealerships has solved this issue for you with our technology reviews.

Drivers in Lewistown, State College, Bellefonte, and Port Matilda will find our technology reviews on Ford and Chevy models beneficial when deciding on which car will fit their needs and lifestyles. So, whether you’re looking for your next sedan, sports car, or truck, we’ve got all the details on how technology works with you on the road.

Why Should I Read Technology Reviews?

With all of the apps, safety features, and entertainment options offered in today’s vehicles, it can be tough to know which ride has what you need. Our Ford and Chevy technology reviews detail each car’s available features and systems, how these features enhance your driving adventures, and how they can benefit your family, too.

We do all the research in these technology reviews so you don’t have to! So, if you’re opting for a Ford F-150 or a Chevy Cruze, you’ll know all of the latest features offered in the car you’re researching.

You might have heard of Bluetooth®, Forward Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure Warning, SYNC®3…the list goes on! We’re here to give you the scoop on the capabilities of these features so you know exactly what you’re looking for by the time you get to our showroom.

Let’s Get You Tech-Savvy!

Get started by clicking the link on this page to the tech review of the model (or models!) that sparks your interest. With complete details on each specific model, you’ll have all of the info you need before deciding on which technology package is best for you.

Plus, if you are in the Lewistown, State College, Bellefonte, or Port Matilda area and would like to test drive one of these vehicles, please feel free to contact us today at The Lake Dealerships.