Tie Rod Replacement near Me

For such a simple part, the tie rod plays a huge role in the operation of your motor vehicle. Simply put, the tie rod pushes or pulls the wheels and allows you to turn the car. Obviously, turning the car is essential for proper operation as well as safety.

Drivers in Lewistown, State College, and Bellefonte are very knowledgeable about their cars. They know how important proper maintenance of the vehicle can be. Let’s take a closer look at the warning signs that your tie rods may need to be replaced, and how to go about doing that.

Signs Your Tie Rods Are Wearing Down

Tie Rod Maintenance in Lewistown

There are several things you can look for or hear, to indicate that your tie rods are getting close to wearing out.

Perhaps the biggest is a squealing sound when turning the car. Many people think it’s just low power steering fluid, and that could be the issue. But, a failing tie rod will make a brief, very high-pitched sound. Because of all the different things this could be, you really need to have your steering system checked out.

If your steering seems very loose, or if you lose steering ability altogether, that is a definite sign that your tie rods may be wearing out or completely compromised. In either case, to avoid an accident, you need to take the car to a service center right away.

Tie Rod Maintenance

Tie Rod Service Lewistown

Tie rods are like brake pads—they don’t last forever. This is a part that will eventually have to be replaced.

If you want to maintain your tie rods, when you get your oil changed, ask for the technician to grease the rod ends. It might cost a little extra, but it will save you time and money over an eventual complete tie rod replacement. By putting new grease into the rod ends, you’re actually pushing out the old grease, which comes with a lot of gunk and road dirt.

If you have to replace your tie rods, the good news is that it’s an affordable and pretty easy mechanical job. A good service department can easily handle this repair job once they determine that your steering difficulties are definitely caused by your tie rods.

A Great Service Department near You

If you are a driver in the Lewistown, State College, or Bellefonte area, then it’s a safe bet that you know a lot about your car’s mechanical parts and stay up to date on the maintenance. The service department at The Lake Dealerships Ford can help.

Our service department is made up of certified, trained technicians who can easily diagnose any problem. We utilize state-of-the-art repair equipment, and we have an extensive inventory of parts, so we can handle any repair job, big or small.

If you suspect a potential steering issue and you think you might need a tie rod replacement, simply call the service department at the nearby The Lake Dealerships Ford and let us know what you need. We can set up a convenient service appointment and get you back on the road in no time!

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