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Discover Your Mantra at These Top Yoga Studios in State College PA

There are many ways to exercise and get healthy, including running and lifting weights. But for an overall physical, mental, and spiritual transformation, you might want to consider practicing the art of yoga.

The best way to find your Zen is by learning more about the following top yoga studios in State College, PA. Read all about them, then schedule a class to experience yoga yourself.

Align Your Body, Your Breath, and Your Intentions

Yoga Studios in State College PAWhen it comes to yoga, each pose is an opportunity to “awaken, explore, and unite with a specific state of being.” This is what you’ll learn at Lila Yoga Studios.

When you take a class here, you’ll perform an invigorating vinyasa that ignites warmth. You’ll then focus deeply on different individual postures, and will end the class with a nourishing savasana, where you’ll lie flat on your back with your eyes closed to completely relax.

Some of the many classes offered include Lila Yoga by Candlelight, Gentle Yoga, and SlowMo Lila Vinyasa. Discover more classes you can take on the Lila Yoga Facebook page.

Promoting Healing & Wellness Through Yoga

At Yoga Breath Studio, you’ll learn about overall health and wellness through the correct application of postures and controlling your breathing through a practice called pranayama. Each program is designed to completely consider the needs and abilities of every student. Plus, the instructor works with you either in a small group or one-on-one in a comfortable home setting to help put you at ease and reach your unique goal.

There are beginner and immediate yoga classes, plus a Mediation/Pranayama class. For more information, check out Yoga Breath Studio on Facebook.

A Space for Self-Discovery

Yoga Studios in State College PAYoga is certainly an opportunity to know yourself better, but you first need to learn how to observe yourself and how you work. The instructors at Yoga Lab will help you do just that. This studio is a place where people can gather and encourage others to reach the path of self-discovery and continued growth.

The five founding teachers created Yoga Lab because of their shared interest in anatomy and functional movement, along with combining Western science with Eastern wisdom. Their mission is to teach a maintainable yoga practice that enriches the body, mind, and soul.

Along with their varied lineup of yoga classes, they also offer plenty of fun events, like free movie nights, glow-in-the-dark yoga, and yoga with live music. Learn more by visiting Yoga Lab on Facebook.

Where Will You Find Your Next Guru?

If you’re looking to achieve total enlightenment, as well as align your chakras, then be sure to visit any of these yoga and meditation studios in State College today!