Transmission Repair State College

Your transmission is designed to transfer the precise amount of power needed to your car’s wheels to keep it at a specific speed. If anything goes wrong with your transmission, it can impact your car’s ability to run as it should.

A failing transmission will typically display symptoms like odd sounds, reduced engine performance or efficiency and a strong burning smell. If you notice any of these symptoms as you’re driving around State College, or near Lewistown, State College, Bellefonte or Port Matilda, you should make an appointment with a service center to have your transmission checked.

Transmission Repair near State College

The symptoms we mentioned are just a few of the obvious warning signs that you need a transmission repair, but it’s always better to bring your car to a qualified service technician to determine the extent of the problem. At the Lake Dealerships, our service technicians have years of experience with transmission repair and service, as well as access to a state-of-the-art computer diagnostic test to determine the exact problem with your transmission.

Transmission issues can be anything from an issue with your transmission fluid to a failing electrical component, so it’s vital that you have your transmission repaired from a skilled technician that understands the unique needs of your car’s transmission.

Transmission Fluids

In many cases, your transmission problems can be fixed by something as simple as a transmission fluid change. Dirty or leaking transmission fluid impairs your transmission’s ability to function properly, which is why a transmission fluid change is necessary to help it stay in peak form. Fresh transmission fluid also keeps your transmission cool and helps it withstand the extreme heat and stress it undergoes in the process of powering your car.

Consult your owner’s manual for your car’s specific maintenance schedule or speak to your service technician about your transmission fluid change. They can help you determine the best transmission maintenance schedule for your particular make, model and driving conditions.

Transmission Flush

If your transmission is severely compromised, a transmission flush can get it running like new. This is a serious service that only occurs in extreme situations, but if your transmission can’t be fixed by changing the transmission fluid, this may be your best option.

Over time, your transmission builds up grime, dirt and sludge that can eventually damage it. A transmission flush uses a cleaning solvent or oil to flush out all this debris, which is then replaced with fresh oil to ensure it can run properly.

Because a transmission flush is such a complex service, you should only have it performed by a qualified service technician with experience in this particular service, such as our technicians at the Lake Dealerships.

Schedule Your Transmission Repair near State College

If you need a transmission repair near State College, take a short drive over to the service center at the Lake Dealerships. Our skilled service technicians have plenty of experience with transmission repair and service, so your car’s transmission is in the best possible hands. Call or visit our dealership today to discuss your transmission repair and schedule your appointment!