Vehicle Comparisons:
2018 Ford Escape vs Subaru Outback

There’s a lot to love about the newest crossovers, but most buyers are looking for a few important features, such as safety and performance. Many vehicles satisfy these needs, including the 2018 Ford Escape and the Subaru Outback, but which one comes out on top?

Drivers in Lewistown, State College, Bellefonte, and Port Matilda can find out more about these capable crossovers with our 2018 Ford Escape vs. Subaru Outback vehicle comparison.

Performance and Handling

The 2018 Ford Escape has a number of engines to suit every driver. The base model is equipped with an adequate 168-horsepower, 2.5L inline-four, but those looking for more performance can opt for the 179-horsepower, 1.5L turbo-four, or the 245-horsepower, 2.0L turbo-four. Both these optional engines pack a lot of low-end torque and accessible power, combined with precise steering and nimble handling. The Escape comes with a six-speed automatic transmission and is available with front or all-wheel drive.

The Subaru Outback is equipped with a 175-horsepower, 2.5L inline-four as its base option, but it’s paired to a sluggish Continuously Variable Transmission. There’s also a 256-horsepower, 3.6L flat-six that’s paired to the same transmission. Regardless of engine choice, however, the Outback lacks the necessary passing power to handle grades or altitude.

Safety Features

Both the 2018 Ford Escape and the Subaru Outback scored well on NHTSA and IIHS safety tests, making them safe vehicles overall, but the differences lie in their safety features.

All Escape models are outfitted with a rearview camera and the Teen Driver system, which allows the owner to limit the speaker volume, speed, and other functions for new drivers. It can also be equipped with Ford’s excellent safety technology, such as Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring and parking assistance, as well as a tow package for additional towing safety.

The Subaru Outback also includes a rearview camera and offers many of the same safety technologies, but it doesn’t offer a comparable towing package or a system to control the vehicle’s function for young drivers.

Interior Features

The 2018 Ford Escape and the Subaru Outback are well-equipped at base level and offer great choices for optional equipment. Power accessories, high-quality cloth upholstery and an infotainment system are standard for both, with additional features like heated seating and navigation available.

That said, the Escape has better technology. A 390-watt, 12-speaker Sony audio system, HD Radio™ and satellite radio are optional upgrades for the Escape, none of which are available for the Outback. The Escape’s infotainment system, the SYNC® 3, is also one of the best on the market. It’s clean, clear, and responsive, and pairs easily to devices with the SYNC Connect app. Other than a few apps, the Outback’s infotainment system isn’t nearly as advanced.

Test Drive the 2018 Ford Escape at the Lake Dealerships

According to our 2018 Ford Escape vs. Subaru Outback comparison, though the Subaru Outback has plenty of appeal and creature comforts, it can’t match the performance, safety, or features of the 2018 Ford Escape.

Drivers in Lewistown, State College, Bellefonte, and Port Matilda can experience the difference for themselves by visiting the Lake Dealerships. Stop by today to schedule your test drive of the 2018 Ford Escape!