Vehicle Comparisons:
2018 Ford F-150 vs GMC Sierra 1500

Finding the right truck for your needs in the Lewistown, State College, Bellefonte, and Port Matilda areas can be tricky. There aren’t as many to choose from as there are crossovers and sedans, but finding the right one can still be challenging, considering most models have more than enough capability.

You deserve only the best, though, so we’ve compiled a comparison between two of the best pickup trucks on the market. The 2018 Ford F-150 and the 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 are powerful and capable, but only one is superior. Learn more in our Ford F-150 vs. GMC Sierra 1500 comparison.


When you’re looking for a truck, you need one that can handle whatever job you throw at it. Whether you need it for the worksite or just want to take your family on a nice trip, your truck should be doing most of the work for you. If you want the best, the Ford F-150 is the answer. Its 3,270-pound payload capacity is the best in its class.

The GMC Sierra 1500 features a max towing capacity of 12,500 pounds which is pretty impressive, but the F-150 continues to outperform the rest of its class with an incredible 13,200-pound towing capacity.


If you’re a fan of power, you’ll get plenty no matter which truck you choose. The Sierra gets 285 horsepower while the 2018 F-150 gets 290 horsepower in their base models leaving the F-150 with a slight advantage. The difference gets much more significant, however, when you upgrade to the V8 engine which pushes the F-150’s horsepower to 395. The 2018 Sierra maxes out at 355.

Typically, all that extra power would mean that you have to take a hit in terms of fuel efficiency. The F-150 continues to defy expectations, however earning an EPA-estimated 21 highway MPG. Even with its 40-horsepower advantage of the Sierra, the GMC can only manage an EPA-estimated 20 highway MPG.


Just because you’re shopping for a truck doesn’t mean you should ignore the technology. Both these have some surprising features like incredibly advanced infotainment systems complete with Android Auto™, Apple CarPlay™, 4G capability, and more. The primary difference is in responsiveness. Ford’s SYNC® 3 system has been hailed for its user friendliness and intuitiveness, while the Sierra’s system can’t claim the same.

With the F-150, you get another class-exclusive feature. Take advantage of the pro trailer backup assist which allows you to manually steer the trailer. Backing up while towing has never been so easy. The Sierra can’t offer any feature like this.

Ford F-150 vs GMC Sierra

After our Ford F-150 vs GMC Sierra comparison, it’s hard to argue with so many best in class features. The 2018 Ford F-150 stands to be one of the greatest pickup trucks available. If you want to see for yourself what makes this truck so incredible, head to The Lake Dealerships and take it for a spin. We invite all our local Lewistown, State College, Bellefonte, and Port Matilda drivers to give it a try. Our expert sales staff can answer any questions you might have and help you find out if the F-150 is right for you. Give us a call and schedule your test drive today!